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Walgreens Luxury Pages \ 2017 \ 8 weeks




Research, concept, visual


Walgreens purchased Beauty.com and the brands that lived on that page were hesitant to make a move over because they felt like they would lose their elevated feel. The goal of this project was to create a "prestige” landing page and product list page for these elevated brands to live on while also maintaining the brand identity of Walgreens.com. For this project, I was in charge of the entire end-to-end design process. 


My research included becoming familiar with the current Walgreens beauty pages and pulling design elements that I could re-use—such as our tile design structure and our featured products concept. I structured the page with modularity in mind. After a few iterations, I wanted to understand the Walgreens user both online and in-store and so I went to multiple Walgreen locations and found inspiration in the beauty sections such as the chosen color (pink), the pull quote seen, and the seasonal product highlights.


My biggest goal was to push a clean design. Not only do clean designs give off an expensive feeling, but it's something you wouldn't connect Walgreens to. I achieved this using all the Walgreens UI elements.



Brands Involved




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Final Result