My client started a floral delivery service and they needed a website to kickoff her business. They wanted a clean website where the imagery of her flowers can flourish and also wanted to be able to manage her website themselves. I created a customized template on top of the Squarespace platform. 

Prior to all my projects, I send out a website questionnaire that asks information about their business and how they are looking to represent themselves, and then information on their website tastes in terms of colors, creativity, and functionality. 

They didn't want something extremely boring and bland, and wanted to attract "a cool unique girl or guy, 20-50 years old, who wants to send a beautiful, different, casual, bouquet of flower." Likewise, they "don't want too much going on where you can’t navigate the site well"

In terms of color choices: "I love pastels in combination with bold colors. I don’t want all pastels because that’s too girly, and I don’t want dark hard colors because that’s too harsh."