I joined in January 2016 and within 8 months created 4 versions of the app, 2 desktop designs, a Chrome extension design, a Facebook bot design, 2 email designs, and an MVP dashboard design for price analytics.

Furthermore, I architected the catalog system of the back-end, designed the functionality and features of our admin tool, and curated the product inventory plus corresponding lifestyle photos.

Our goal shifted throughout the creation process, starting as "the kayak for shopping" and ending as a multi-channel price comparison tool. The majority of my design iterations relied on the feedback requesting features or taking the features we currently had built and creating a smoother experience with them. The look and feel of our product shifted from personable and friendly "curated" experience, to a focus on technology and price being a tool. 

My role for this project was research, prototyping, user testing, and coding the front-end for all mediums. Our app was built using the Ionic framework—an open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps.