Designer and Developer

Some believe these worlds should never collide.

I believe I'm a better designer because I understand technical capabilities because I'm a developer.
I believe I'm a better developer because I understand E2E flows because I'm a designer. 

Some say I'm in my right mind. I say I'm in my left.

UI/UX Design and Frontend Dev (HTML/CSS)

Research, concept, wireframe, prototype, test, and code. app, desktop, extension, email, dashboard.
Lead Designer + CSS Development is revolutionizing the shopping experience by creating an omni-channel platform to help you save money. Price searches hundreds of sites at once to find you the best prices, coupons, and similar products.


6IX, A personal training app: branding and design.
Marketing + Graphic Design

A personal trainer in your back pocket to include personalized meal plans and custom workouts based on your specific body type that changes as your progress does.


Lejos website: concept, design and code.
Designer + Developer: HTML, CSS

Lejos is the first in a brand of sustainable, humanitarian hotels. 
Made out of shipping container construction, Lejos aims to change the way people travel.


It's Black Bar website: concept, design and code.
Designer + Developer: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Black bar is a website made for a woman who had a long day and doesn't feel like going home yet. Instead, she wants to go get a drink at a cute bar with some even cuter girls to unwind and talk about everything and nothing at the same time.


Ca$htag, a webapp: concept, design and code.
Designer + Developer: HTML, CSS, node.js

An instragam content collector that helps you find those "money shots". Communicated with instagram API's to search by hashtag and date range. 

Visual/Graphic Design

I dabble in the (digital) arts.

//quest.on - journal app

//flyers for the 2013 Cisco IT Showcase

// flyers

//award winning ads

 Silver Addy Award Winner.

Silver Addy Award Winner.

 ACP Honorable mention.

ACP Honorable mention.


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