McDonalds Intranet Dashboard


McDonalds Intranet Redesign \ 2018 \ 1 week

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UX, visual


I was contracted out by Kindle Communications to redesign McDonalds intranet website and mobile experience. McDonalds wanted a refreshing new site that maintained its familiar brand while connecting to a younger audience. There were a few design requirements to include such as interaction requests, navigation recommendations, a tutorial, unchangeable areas, and visual alignment to other parts of the internal McDonalds website. After our discovery call, I was given a brand guideline and direction to execute. My goal was to design the best layout and organize the information without going into the custom realm.


My goal was to simplify the experience. Due to many menu options, the old design was overwhelming and there wasn’t a clear understanding of how to move throughout the site. I also introduced consistency between font sizes, colors, and alignment. I added in a nice amount of whitespace to allow for breathing room and clean feeling.


As with any dashboard design, there is a tetris like approach in fitting all the requirements on a page in a hierarchical way. The biggest challenge of this project was to make sure no content was competing with each other, and that the user navigated to the most important areas first.




Final Result

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Video Walkthrough