It's Black Bar

It's Black Bar

Who runs black bar? Two women who want more estrogen in their life.

The Overview

My girlfriend Candice and I have been wanting to try different bars in SF and wished we had more girls to do it with. The meetups groups are usually themed and add pressure so we wanted to create a community where you just need to show up. We recycled an old domain and thus black bar was born.


The Request

Concept (collab), design, and development.


The Research

I researched meet up websites such as meetup, peatix, and eventbrite mainly because I was curious to know from a content perspective how these websites draw in their users to click on the events. I wanted to see what information I found the most important or intriguing and how that information was displayed.

Date and location proved to be the most important data points, however I found the infinite scrolling of events that peatix and eventbrite used to display their information combined with the busyness of their photos were a little overwhelming and did not properly encompass what black bar was about. 

I really appreciated the simplicity of, and the calendar that was immediately displayed provided a sense of comfort seeing something that I recognized and understood.

From there we decided to make a weekly calendar of black bars that are updated every week.


The Challenge(s)

How can we attract people? Figuring out the unique element of our concept was a design challenge from a business perspective. 


The Solution(s)

We decided to go with the mysterious speakeasy feel. We felt peoples own curiosities, especially in San Francisco, would draw them to our events. We wrote out a tongue-in-cheek type of FAQ that defied the norm and made business cards with one of those question printed on the front and on the back. Candice left them at coffee shops.


The Possibilities

We never got to test out this concept because we worked on this idea while I back home in Miami.

I did show the prototype to my close girlfriends and received amazing feedback - even a follow up request asking if the site had expanded. 

Through a revenue standpoint Candice and I wanted to use the meet up spots as promotional space. We figured what bar wouldn't pay good money to have a herd of women occupy their space for a significant portion of the night!


The Assets




 Quick draw out during Candice and I brainstorming.

Quick draw out during Candice and I brainstorming.

Finalized wireframe.