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I am Yves.

I am a designer from Miami Beach, spent three years in San Francisco, and now I live in Chicago.

My first time coding and designing was in elementary school - creating custom LiveJournal and Myspace layouts. 

In college, I studied electrical engineering while I practiced ad design, branding, and layout techniques working for my local newspaper.

I was a lead test engineer for Cisco Systems writing test scripts for servers in Supply Chain.

I was also lead designer for a three person e-commerce startup. We were 1 out of 28 apps chosen in 2016 Google I/O's featured apps for their Google Play Early Access Program, specifically because of the impressive design turnaround.

Currently, I work full-time for Walgreens, designing their global website. Part-time, I freelance for Toptal and work on smart design solutions for my clients.

I was created to create.

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