Correlate Energy Management App


Correlate Energy Management App \ 2018 \ 1 month



Research, Visual, UX, Front End Development


Correlate is a strategic energy management company. I met my client while I was working on an energy project in Alaska. They were looking to redesign an energy-industry specific survey tool with a tight deadline given a live demo they had coming up. I was in charge of UI and UX, and was asked to tackle the HTML/CSS skeleton of the app so my client could work on the backend tech. I was given a kitchen sink mockup of the app idea, and was asked to create something “lighter” and “streamlined”. My client wanted the app to be intuitive, as “if there were no real choices for the user to make".


I focused my research on survey tools. Typeform, YourPrimer, and RewardsForOpinions were among the sample sites that the Client envisioned Correlate to be. I loved their color palette and wanted to introduce it throughout the application. I also wanted to execute on card layout and design, displaying bite sized information with an overall CTA wrapped into it.


During development, I had trouble coding the slider cards to include a horizontal scroll.



Color Palette

Tier 1 colors copy.png

Kitchen Sink Mockup/Wireframe



Video Walkthrough