CFX Website and Wizard


CFX Markets \ 2017 \ 6 weeks



Responsive website redesign and HTML/CSS.
Wizard on-boarding redesign, and CSS/JS (react).


CFX Markets is a secondary market (trading platform) for alternative assets (e.g. public non-listed REITs, BDCs, Regulation A+). Their primary audience are both financial advisors and individuals such private equity firms and corporate buyers. Their main goal was to educate and inform sellers and buyers, but they also wanted to clean up their website (one half of the project) and lead users through the sign-up wizard more seamlessly (second half of the project). The goal was for better leads and performance against competitors, clear display of information, and easier navigation - all within a polished and trustworthy design.


My main goal for this website was to clean it up and provide a fresh foundation to work on. They liked refined, business forward websites such as, and wanted a theme of aspiration, so I added larger headlines to make the site feel informative and confident. For the wizard, I focused more on simplifying the UX. I boiled down the sections from 12 to 4, with clear step navigation within an extra clean design to keep the users focused and not overwhelmed.


For the wizard, it was my first time working with react - so that was a fun challenge to work through.






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