Ca$htag - the instagram content collector that helps you find those money shots.

The Overview

I applied to Pixlee as a front end developer and my coding challenge was to write a web-app that takes a hashtag, start date, and end date and collects submissions for Instagram. I was given one-two days to work on this and was provided endpoints and tokens alongside certain requirements such as being able to paginate plus the ability to navigate to the native Instagram link.


The Request

Write a web visualization for the collected content in a js framework of your choice. The user should be able to view the photos, the Instagram username, navigate to the native Instagram link of the photo, and play videos. The user should be able to paginate or load more to view further photos.

The code should be put on github with a readme that provides instructions on how to run the application.

There should be a live example that is provided (recommend you use heroku).


The Research

I had never built a web-app before and I had only worked with jQuery so the first thing I did was ask a lot of questions and start learning. The internet is a beautiful place. 

I was able to find a tutorial on pulling content from Instagram using node.js, and used this as my foundation.


The Challenge(s)

I had previously learned how to navigate through json files so I picked up conceptually what I was doing, however, I did not know how to make an API call prior to this or did I really know JavaScript to a production level.


The Solution(s)

The solution was ca$htag! After I got the app to run I had fun with design by coming up with the concept first, a play on hashtag, and then hand writing the logo you see using my iPad. 


The Feedback

Sadly I did not get the position but I did ask for feedback. 

"The team loved your UI and design, but unfortunately the parts that weren't as strong as we had hoped included lack of frameworks and there was no validation for inputs/date ranges/etc. However, we were really impressed with how much work you put into the design - best looking front end we've seen all year!"

That's a win to me!