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Blikkee App \ 2017 \ 1 week

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App redesign.


Blikkee is an app where you can chat with locals for restaurant recommendations and neighborhood advice. The founders needed a new fresh look for their next push, which focused on signing up locals in various cities. Their main message was to help others, have fun, and allow a local feel by avoiding tourist traps - all wrapped in a creative design. Given the different features the app provided (tinder like swiping, messaging, and potential money-transferring), it was important to make sure that the design was clean and straightforward, but without losing all the fun of the apps current brand.


I wanted this app to be cool and thought of as a fun messaging platform that stepped away from a sterile and automated experience towards a personal and informal one, but without jeopardizing professionalism and trust. I loved their color palette (blue and raspberry pink), and wanted to delicately weave these bright and loud colors into my minimal and clean design style.


I had the challenge of making sure this experience didn't feel too playful given the color palette and interactions available, leaning away from a toy and towards a tool. I also wanted to make sure the experience wasn't too distracting, and had a clear direction for our users.




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