6IX APP | 2014

In 2014, I was contacted to join the 6ix team as a designer. I was responsible for the branding and design while the 2 founders took care of development. In November of 2015, we released our beta and in May of 2016 we launched. We are now at 2,500 users and are growing.

Losing weight, gaining weight, and toning up—each all required different flows. The challenge here was to find the constants in working out so that the experience remains the same. We tackled this by narrowing down our focus to a single goal (gaining weight) with a single flow (complete a workout). This process allowed for us to discover edge cases such as first time users, experienced users, and unsatisfied users. We also determined what variables were important and those we could label as constants, and thus evolved our initial algorithm in determining progress and creating a solid prototype. 

I came up with the name, logo, UX, and visual designs.